Professionals – Intro Kit – Download – 15CEs


Kit includes…

  • Mind-Full Massage Instruction Manual/Test in PDF format
  • .mp3 tracks to our 4CD set of Professional Guided Meditations with & without background music
  • Link to print-ready brochure and flyers
  • Certificate and transcript for earned CE’s upon completion of requirements
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This kit gives you all the background information, studies, and theories to educate you on Mind-Full Massage. It also provides you with a ready-to-print brochure to promote your new technique, professional CD’S with meditations that were recorded with and without background music, a certificate to display upon completion of requirements, and copies of our “at home” meditation to give to your clients that corresponds with the meditation they heard during their massage. The professional meditation CD that you use during the massage has versions with and without background music to accommodate therapists who may have music piped into their room that cannot be turned off or who already have certain music they enjoy. The version of the meditation that the client takes home with them does have soothing background music. You can purchase more “at-home” meditation CD’S for your clients at anytime as your business grows. We offer discounted packages that become more economical as you purchase a higher number of CD’S. Check the details on each package. Downloads are also available instead of CD’s for those who prefer that format. (We are currently in negotiations with well known professionals to bring you an assortment of meditations. Check our website frequently for updates.)

So get started by ordering the introductory kit. We are truly beginning a new age and a new way of promoting health and happiness.


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